5 Simple Swaps To Reduce Plastic

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There’s no denying that we are all guilty of sometimes taking the easy road and opting for single-use plastic when we don’t need to. It may not seem like a huge issue but the fact is, plastic ends up in oceans and landfills and takes 100+ years to degrade. Do you really want there to be more plastic in the ocean than there is marine life?

Our fast-paced modern lifestyles don’t have to be an excuse for convenience, AKA plastic. If you are wanting to decrease the amount of plastic you use, there’s no better time than now to start reusing and recycling! To help you out, I have included some helpful tips to reduce plastic below.

Say bye to bottled water

This one goes without saying. Plastic bottles are one of the most common items found on beaches all over the world. To avoid having to buy a plastic water bottle when you are out, always remember to bring your reusable bottle with you. If you’re in a rush and can’t find a water bottle to fill up, use a bRaw shaker!

Choose fresh over frozen

Avoid the plastic that encases your frozen fruit and vegetables and opt for fresh produce. This will also help you to nourish yourself with the nutrients from seasonal produce your body requires at certain times of the year. Warm-up with a cabbage and leek soup in winter and cool down with some fresh watermelon in summer.

Shop at local farmers markets

Shop local and support farm-to-fork businesses that use little to no plastic. Purchase fruit, vegetables, bakery goods, and pantry essentials without all the plastic that would come along with these products at large supermarkets. Don’t forget to bring your own bags when you go!

BYO cup and save

Reusable coffee cups have been all the rage over the last couple of years so it is likely that you already have one. The good news is that you can’t have too many of them! Keep one at home, work and in the car so you are always prepared for your caffeine fix, no matter what time of day you need a pick-me-up. A lot of cafes now offer discounts if you BYO cup, so you could save 50c on your next latte.

If you do find yourself at a cafe without your reusable cup, ask for your coffee without the lid. Every little attempt to reduce the use of plastic helps in the long run!

Make your own snacks

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen and unleash your inner culinary genius. Making your own snacks is a great way to reduce plastic, not to mention, it can be healthier for you too! bRaw Salted Caramel Protein is great to use in baking to add protein to your snacks. If you’re stuck with what to make, try creating Vegan Protein Pancakes or a No Bake Coconut Mango Collagen Slice.

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