bRaw Naturals

bRaw is a local Gold Coast company that started as a passion project in 2018. We began this journey to help create a healthier community with a natural, organic and vegan product range to nourish and nurture your body.


Our products are formulated by experts in their field and approved by Australia’s leading nutritionists and naturopaths. We specifically designed our products to increase energy naturally, assist in the detoxification process and maintain sustainable weight loss. We felt that the fitness and health industry was flooded with natural product option but nothing that tasted GREAT.

So we crafted our first product, bRaw Protein, a protein powder that ticks all our boxes, plant-based, vegan, raw and organic, that most importantly tastes delicious and smooth! We don’t use synthetic ingredients, artificial colours or flavours in any of our products so you can rest assured that you are putting only the best into your body.

Our Philosophy

Our mission here at bRaw is to help you to find your healthiest version of you with a product range that is natural, organic and raw. We believe that health starts from the inside out, and that’s why we created products that will make you feel good and look even better.

We are committed to providing you with a range of products with a blend of wholefoods and superfoods, essential for optimal wellbeing. We pride ourselves in providing you with a high-quality product, made with organic ingredients that is free from allergens and artificial ingredients. We take a holistic approach to health and fitness and are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you.
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