5 Mood-boosting Ways to Keep Active at Home

Happy woman working out

If the gym isn’t an option for you at the moment, or you simply don’t want to be there, know that you don’t always need it! Mixing up gym workouts with different styles of movements can keep things fresh and exciting, and even give you a boost in your results!

Dance to the Music

Sometimes when you’re caught up in the craziness of the day-to-day, ticking off that ‘to do’ list, just going through the motions, it can feel like you’re functioning in auto-pilot. With our fast-paced life that is based around constant achievement and ‘go-go-go', you’ll be forgiven if you find yourself stuck in your head (and out of your body). Add in a structured meal plan and structured gym routine, and you can feel like with all this (healthy) regimen in your life, you’ve lost a bit of feminine ’flow’. The best way to ignite a little energy and spark is to put on your favourite music and just start moving your body! You don’t have to try and move with the rhythm, just start moving and see where it goes. You may not feel like it at first, but once you get going, you won’t believe all this dancing is quite a good cardio workout too! 

Hip Circles 

Hip circles are an amazing dynamic stretching exercise that can not only help prevent injury but wake up your lower body. If you’re feeling a tight lower back and hips (like most of us are!), then this movement is great for you. Not only will it loosen you up, but it’ll fire up your core too. Greater mobility and lower body strength is headed your way! 

You can do different variations of hip circles on all fours, sitting on the floor with your legs extended in front and also standing up (there are some great tutorials on YouTube). Want to take hip circles to the next level? Get yourself a hula hoop! This will get your heart rate up and help you burn fat without you even noticing! 

Trampoline Bounce

Want a fun way to burn calories that reminds you of simpler days? Get on that trampoline! Did you know that it’s great for your lymphatic system too? One of the most effective movements for lymphatic drainage is rebounding. It’s an excellent way to help remove toxins from your body, without putting too much pressure on the joints. You don’t need even need a full size one to enjoy the benefits, now you can easily find mini trampolines too! Trampolining is something anyone can do, so feel free to get as silly as you like - soon you won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face! Another option that’ll get your lymph nodes into high gear is to grab a skipping rope!  

A Yoga Style for You

A good yoga session can be the best way to make your soul happy and get your mind and body feeling fresh again! Whether you’re in the mood for a tough power-style yoga or a calming, restorative yin – every session will have something to offer you. Whether it’s loosening up those tight muscles and joints, getting a good sweat on, learning to concentrate, or simply practising to tune into your inner self – yoga can be transformative practise that can give you the strength to grow in every area of life. If you do a lot of weight training, then balancing out your muscle-building activities with yoga will give you the edge in your strength and body composition results.  

 Massage & Foam Rolling 

Do you feel like your body is constantly in knots? Feeling chronic tightness, headaches and tension? Look to where you’re holding stress in your body. Psychological stress, poor posture and lots of training can all contribute to those tired, achy sensations. This certainly won’t do any favours for your mood! When your body is tired and sore, you’re more likely to snap at the small things.  

Like yoga, self-massage and foam rolling can be a saviour, especially if you’re doing lots of strength training. When you’re strength training, you’re consistently shortening muscles with compressive movements. You can improve your flexibility with resistance training through full-range movements, and by adding in massage and foam rolling, you can help your body feel the best it can be. 

Do your mind and body a favour by giving yourself a gentle massage, or using a foam roller to iron out those tense spots. Not only will it help you recover better for your next hard workout, but it’ll help lift your mood and ease you in a deeper sleep. Sign me up! 



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