Why You Should Opt For Vegan Collagen

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Collagen boosters are definitely all the rage at the moment because let's face it, who doesn’t want long luscious locks, glowing skin and an optimally functioning body?

If you follow a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle, you may have noticed that most collagen supplements on the market are unfortunately not vegan-friendly. This is because collagen protein is most commonly found in bone, skin, cartilage, teeth and tendons of animals and in simple terms, holds the body together.

Thanks to bRaw, you can now get your hands on a vegan collagen booster. Vegan collagen boosters provide a natural and cruelty-free option for vegans to boost their collagen and support a healthy and effervescent complexion. I will talk more about the key benefits of vegan collagen boosters below.

Supports gut health and digestion

Do you ever feel that your digestion might be a bit slow? If your body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of collagen, your digestion system could be running a little behind schedule. Collagen essentially helps to move food through your GI tract more smoothly.


Likewise to a vegan diet, vegan collagen boosters do not contain any animal products that may contribute to inflammation of the body. Consuming plant-based foods is associated with lowering inflammation in the body due to the foods being alkaline by nature. Foods like meat and dairy are naturally quite acidic and when consumed, could cause inflammation to the body.

Supports hair, skin, and nails

Collagen boosters along with a healthy and balanced diet can help you maintain collagen production. If wrinkles are any concern to you, it is important to note that collagen is responsible for keeping your skin looking full and youthful. Your body naturally produces collagen but with age, your collagen production starts to decrease. As your body’s total protein is made up of 30% collagen, it is important that your body has enough collagen to maintain tight and radiant skin.


Whether you follow a vegan diet or have allergies to certain animal products, vegan collagen is likely to be a suitable supplement for you. Vegan collagen boosters can also prevent the possibility of the illness and disease transmitted through animal sourced collagen.

Protein Boost

If you struggle to reach your daily protein intake or are bored of the standard protein shake, collagen boosters are a great way to sneak some extra protein into your diet. Add this booster to your breakfast smoothies or mix with water for a refreshing afternoon beverage.

Interested in trying out a vegan collagen booster? Inner Beauty by bRaw is an organic high-quality vegan beauty food that contains a blend of collagen, probiotics, and a range of essential nutrients. Nourish your body naturally and support collagen production and gut health. 

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