5 Delicious Foods For Natural Immunity Support

5 Delicious Foods For Natural Immunity Support

Immune support is the key to your longevity, overall health and sense of life happiness. With constant external stressors in our world, you should be prioritising foods that give your immunity the strength it needs to be at its best for optimal wellbeing.

You can strengthen your body and mind’s natural resistance, just by prioritising the basics: manage your stress, get enough sleep, go out into the sun (or take a vitamin D supplement), doing what you love and having a support network. Another way to make sure you’re protecting yourself all throughout life is to get the nutrition that you need, in the form of whole foods that nourish you from within. 

What causes your immune system to become weak? 

Our modern lifestyle has much to do with the way our bodies are affected in times of physical, mental and emotional stress. Stress, poor diet, poor digestion, external stressors all impact the way your body handles bacteria, foreign invaders and viruses. Though you can’t get rid of everything in the environment or all of the stress in your life, there are still many things you can do to live the longest and happiest life possible.

Certain foods can weaken the immune system. Foods you may want to limit include sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and unhealthy fatty foods. overconsumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. By eating a whole food diet, you’ll give your body the benefits of immunity protection. 

When looking to give your immune health the best support, you need to make sure you have a varied source of vitamins. Making sure you eat a wide variety of nutritious foods is your best health insurance available today. In addition, supplements be of assistance where your diet is lacking.

Foods to start eating today for a healthier immune system:


Blueberries are tasty little nature's treats that pack a serious nutrient punch! Your body needs ample amounts of vitamin C to protect the immune system from harm. Not only are blueberries rich in vitamin C, they have a high amount of anthocyanins, which give them their beautiful dark colour. These antioxidants help guard your body against external stressors, and fight the free radicals that age you and make you ill. By regularly eating blueberries, you're getting a great dose of polyphenols, that help promote health and longevity. As blueberries are heavily sprayed with pesticides, you should look to shop for organic varieties if you can. Though they can be pricier, the health benefits are worth it! For more bang for your buck, you can look to buy organic frozen varieties, that cost less per kilo and last a long time in your freezer.


Another vitamin C powerhouse, pomegranate has that exotic look and crunchy yet juicy tang that can add life to any salad or smoothie! You just have to look at the deep red colour of this health-boosting fruit to see how antioxidant rich it is. Scientific studies suggest that pomegranate may potentially act as an antibacterial and antiviral. Though more studies based on humans are needed, adding pomegranate to your weekly shop can be an exciting way to spice up your micronutrient range. Pomegranates also contain vitamin E, which helps your immune system and allows your body to function at its best.


Cruciferous vegetables are some of the healthiest veggies you'll find - and broccoli is an athlete's staple! Full of satiating fibre, broccoli can help you achieve your weight loss goals and add bulk to any meal. Not only that, broccoli has some special properties that can give your hard-working immune system the support it needs. When you eat a cup of broccoli, you'll be getting a healthy dose of that all-important vitamin C, plus a range of energy giving B vitamins. In addition, this tasty veg has high amounts of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and beta-carotene. It is difficult to digest raw, so you should lightly cook it to enjoy the full benefits. An excellent side dish, it goes great in a stir-fry and in your roast veggies!


If you're looking to maximise your antioxidant load with the least amount of money spent - look no further than carrots! These grocery staples are rich in nutrients that can help you feel great every day, promote a healthy weight and help guard your body against unwanted visitors. By regularly eating fresh, raw carrots, you'll be nourishing your body with vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A, that are necessary for your immune system to perform at its best. Enjoy them as a crunchy lunchtime snack, make juices or slice them for a tasty addition to a salad or stir fry!


The variety of medicinal mushrooms we can access have taken the wellness world by storm - and with good reason! These yummy little fungi can aid your immune system to be the strongest it needs to be, to help fend off pathogens, viruses and bacteria. Certain species of mushrooms have immunomodulating effects, which means they help regulate the processes that govern your immunity. By incorporating these regularly, you'll be getting the health benefits of the beta-glucans they contain, special polysaccharides that are the active ingredient your body needs. Remember to consume a wide variety of mushrooms to get the full benefit!

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