• Chewy Vegan Protein Biscuits

    Chewy Vegan Protein Biscuits

    Deliciously chewy Anzac Day Biscuits with a vegan twist! Created by @sarahfitfoodie, you'll love this healthy spin on a traditional treat.
  • Lower Carb Snickers Shake

    Lower Carb Snickers Shake

      When you think of a snickers shake, you probably imagine having to use your whole day's worth of macros. Most chocolate-bar-inspired shakes include tons of sugar, but with some small tweaks, you can enjoy a healthier (and dare we say, tastier), snickers shake that spares you some carbs (and adds some protein!). Using a full serve of the unbeatable Ultimate Plant Protein by b...
  • Green Cleanse Smoothie Bowl

    Green Cleanse Smoothie Bowl

    Time to put a clean & green pep-in-your-step with the Green Cleanse Smoothie Bowl! When you want fast energy, don't reach for another can of energy drink. Get on board with nature's goodness for a smoothie bowl that'll satisfy your mind, body and soul. Containing the one and only Ultimate Greens by b Raw, you'll have an easy and delicious way to meet your micronutrient...
  • Fluffy Vegan Pronuts (Protein Donuts)

    Fluffy Vegan Pronuts (Protein Donuts)

    We're back just in time to make your mid-week snack time fun again! Get your fluffy donut fix with a side of ethics and your favourite Ultimate Plant Protein by b Raw. Say goodbye to those processed donuts full of sugar and trans fats. With this vegan pronuts recipe, you'll enjoy a low sugar treat that helps you reach your protein goals. Though we mention the Ultimate...
  • Vegan Chocolate Dip With Strawberries

    Vegan Chocolate Dip With Strawberries

    Treat yourself and perhaps your Valentine's day date with this decadent yet protein-packed Vegan Chocolate Dip with Strawberries, made with the one and only Ultimate Plant Protein by b Raw!  Enjoy a guilt-free, indulgent Valentine's Day treat, knowing it's made with only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. This vegan recipe features the sweetness of maple, the richness of raw cacao and the ultimate creaminess of coconut...
  • Homemade Vegan Protein Lamingtons

    Homemade Vegan Protein Lamingtons

    What a better way to celebrate Australia day than with a serve of delicious protein lamingtons, made with the goodness of Ultimate Plant Protein by b Raw!  This vegan spin on the traditional Aussie lamington recipe is full of healthy fats, featuring beautifying coconut and almonds instead of heavily processed flours. As it's made with wholesome ingredients, you can enjoy this guilt-free treat anytime...
  • Make Dry January Effortless with This Green-O-Colada

    Make Dry January Effortless with This Green-O-Colada

    Are you starting this year fresh and sober? If you've started Dry January after a few too many New Year's cocktails, it might be easy for a few days. However, the party season is still here and you might be worried about moments of weakness which can undo all of your progress. Party it up with this 'Green-O-Colada', which combines the nourishing Ultimate Greens...
  • Easy Vegan Xmas Trifle

    Easy Vegan Xmas Trifle

    This easy vegan Xmas trifle recipe is so easy to make and is calorie-friendly too! You can still enjoy delicious treats these holidays without fear of undoing all of your hard work. This recipe makes 6 serves - enjoy as yummy meal prep or even better, share with your loved ones! INGREDIENTS Protein crème: 2 serves of Ultimate Plant Protein - Vanilla in 400ml almond milk...
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